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About Gamma Allergy Australia

Gamma Allergy Australia is built on bedrock of scientific innovation, and powered by a passion to drastically and sustainably improve people’s lives. Gamma Allergy is the go to source for immunology products and services in Australia. We provide allergists and immunologists with premium quality products, accompanied by unparalleled service. We are an Australian company, and are exclusively committed to serving the needs of local healthcare professionals and their patients.

Allergy immunotherapy has a long history of efficacy and its uptake is ever increasing as knowledge within the medical community and general population continues. Traditional injection therapy and now sublingual treatment is the the go to choice of treatment for people suffering from chronic allergies. A holistic patient centered approach to treatment is always best. For allergy it is not different and consulting a qualified health professional as early as possible to see if immunotherapy could help you or your child is the best first step. To learn more about allergy and helpful links refer to our Resources section.

Our goal is to be the most responsive biomedical company the Australian medical community has ever seen.  Innovation and simplification is key for this, as we aim to anticipate and overcome the challenges of tomorrow before they arise.  We achieve this by continually working with industry professionals and looking to other fields to ensure our products and services meet our clients needs in both the short and long term.

Serving Australian Demands

Serving Australian Demands: Australian Grass Mixes

After consulting with Australian healthcare professionals to learn the unique needs of their practices and patients, a common topic kept arising; Bahia grass (paspalumnotatum).  Bahia is a subtropical perennial grass native to Mexico and South America.  However this grass has been naturalised here in Australia for its quality as a soil stabiliser to control erosion, and its low maintenance properties.  While it provides low maintenance turf, allergists suspect it has been affecting a growing number of patients.

Grass allergies are one of the most common chronic allergies both in Australia and internationally.  In most grass immunotherapy treatment, a blend of grass extracts is used to create immunotherapy serums.  While treatment using current serums that do not have Bahia have been successful; the common feedback from healthcare professionals is that treatment would be more effective with a serum that contained a higher concentration of Bahia in its grass blend.

As a result we created two specific grass mixes with large concentrations of bahia grass to reflect what is affecting patients in those regions. In addition we created a specific dust mite mix that reflects the predominant species of dust mite found in Australia. There are currently four Australia focused products that have been designed to match the allergen profiles of the different climatic regions of the country.  These are our first Australian specific product designed to meet the demands of the local industry, and will not be the last.  We are committed to serving the unique needs of Australians and being responsive to demands of local healthcare professionals.  We welcome and encourage feedback from the healthcare community so we can expand our product line to better suit the needs of your practice and patients.

Industry Leading Innovation

Industry Leading Innovation: The industry’s first fully integrated e-order system and data base

Purchasing products from us is as easy as any other online purchase.   A full history of orders and updates on order progress along with tracking in real time from any device.  We give you live access to the information you need to run your practice and communicate with your patients.

Technological innovation has changed the way we communicate and interact; information can be shared instantly anywhere in the world through our mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Rooms full of filing cabinets and hours of administration have been replaced with cloud technologies that require no physical space and have automatic filing updates and backups. Such technologies have increased efficiencies, decreased margins for error and administrative work, and provide a level of convenience never before imagined.

The role of these technologies in healthcare is growing at a fast pace, and the demand for them is growing even faster. Healthcare professionals and their administrative staff are bombarded with growing amounts of information and ever increasing patient numbers. Positive health outcomes rely on a healthcare professional’s ability to process, catalogue, and account for these increases while creating and maintaining strong relationships with their patients. This is no easy task; but modern technology that streamlines administration and data processing has helped alleviate the immense pressures put on healthcare professionals.

Unfortunately the allergy immunotherapy industry has lagged behind in this regard relying on paper order forms, countless hours of cataloguing & administration, and at best outdated data base technology; until now. Working with our partners in Canada, Gamma Allergy has created the industry’s first fully integrated online order system and data base.

Doctors login through the simple and secure portal found on our website where orders are placed and even tracked. Input your practice information just once and edit it any time from anywhere. Patient orders are automatically saved so re-orders are simple and hassle free. We have developed the latest technology to meet the demands of modern healthcare professionals, and bring the logistics of allergy immunotherapy into the 21st century.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”


Allergy Immunotherapy

Over the counter allergy treatments can be expensive and only provide temporary relief.



There are two methods of immunotherapy currently used to treat chronic allergies.


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The first step in managing allergies is determining what someone is allergic to.


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Symptoms occur when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment.


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