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Allergy Immunotherapy

Unlike conventional over the counter allergy treatments that only provide temporary relief of symptoms, immunotherapy is scientifically proven to treat the root cause of chronic allergic disease. With our state of the art custom compounded serums, the patient’s immune system becomes desensitized to symptom producing allergens that once kept them dependent on expensive pills or worse, indoors and pet free.

Allergy immunotherapy is clinically documented as the only treatment that reduces or completely removes the patient’s allergic symptoms indefinitely. Studies show that the treatment not only has a long standing effect after it is discontinued, but that it also inhibits the development of asthma or other new allergies. Immunotherapy is a safe and effective treatment option for allergy sufferers of all ages.


The first step in immunotherapy is a diagnosis made by a trained and qualified healthcare professional. Diagnosis consists of a skin prick test that is quick and painless to the patient. The test will identify what allergen/s a patient has adverse reactions to and to what degree. Equally as important, the test identifies what prospective allergens patients are not allergic to.

Once a diagnosis has been made, a patient specific treatment schedule is created to match the needs of the individual patient. Every person on this planet is unique, and no two patients’ allergies are identical. As a result allergy immunotherapy is generally practised on a ‘named-patient’ basis, where immunotherapy serums and treatment schedules are custom designed for each specific patient. We developed our treatment schedules utilising over four decades of experience in conjunction with the latest scientific discoveries and Practice Parameters.

There are two methods of immunotherapy currently used to treat chronic allergies, SCIT or SLIT. The method of treatment is determined by the diagnosing healthcare professional.  Treatment term typically lasts 3-5 years with symptom alleviation experienced as early as 6 months into treatment.

*All products are prescription medication which can only be purchased by a registered medical practitioner.