Australia suffers from a severe shortage of allergists. What does this mean for those that suffer from allergies in need of help? Sometimes waiting up to two years before seeing a specialist for the first time.

This can be especially stressful for a parent who has a child experiencing severe and potentially life-threatening allergies. According to one recent article, “allergy rates in children are increasing and so are the number of hospital admissions for anaphylaxis, yet parents are struggling to get their children’s allergies assessed.”

So how can you skip these long waiting lines?

You don’t have to wait to see an allergist to get a skin prick test in order to assess your allergies. Instead you can skip the long waiting lines and see a GP who has a special interest in allergies. This doctor will be able to administer the skin prick test and evaluate how best to treat your allergies.

If you are ready to see a doctor of your or a loved ones’ allergies, check out this step by step guide to help you through the process: