Addressing Australian Needs

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Addressing Australian Needs

We are committed to providing doctors with the products that best suit their patients’ needs so we regularly consult with Australian healthcare professionals to learn the unique needs of their practices and patients. We welcome and encourage feedback from the healthcare community. In response, we’ve incorporated the following feedback into our products:

Bahia grass (paspalumnotatum): Bahia and Bermuda are both subtropical perennial grass natives to Mexico and South America. However, these grasses have been naturalised here in Australia for their quality as a soil stabiliser to control erosion and their low maintenance properties. While these grasses provide low maintenance turf, allergists suspect they have been affecting a growing number of patients.

Grass allergies are one of the most common chronic allergies both in Australia and internationally. In most grass immunotherapy treatment, a blend of grass extracts is used to create immunotherapy serums. While treatment using current serums that do not have Bahia and Bermuda have been successful, the common feedback from healthcare professionals is that treatment would be more effective with a serum that contained a higher concentration of Bahia and Bermuda in its grass blend.

As a result, we created two specific grass mixes with large concentrations of Bahia and Bermuda grass to reflect what is affecting patients in those regions, including NSW Grass Mix and QLD Grass Mix. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

Dust mite mixture: We created a specific dust mite mix with a higher concentration of D. Pteronyssinus to reflect the predominant species of dust mite found in Australia.


We’re always looking to make more products customised to better serve the needs of Australia patients, so if you have any insight, we welcome it. You can contact us directly at [email protected]