Our Process

History of proven efficacy.

Gamma Allergy only compounds with allergen extracts approved by the FDA and Health Canada. The same extracts who’s efficacy is backed by decades of peer reviewed studies..

Gamma Allergy compounds each immunotherapy treatment set on a custom basis for each patient according to the specific mix of allergens that you have prescribed.

We source our vaccines from North America, where all allergy immunotherapy products are governed by the same regulations and are required to use the same units of measurement and potency when labelling.  Health Canada and the FDA enforce these regulations to ensure transparency, consistency and efficacy so doctors know exactly what they are treating their patients.

In addition to standard units of measurement there are 19, FDA & Health Canada, standardised allergenic extracts that include the most common allergens used in treatment sets. These standards place an even higher burden of quality control and disclosure on top of the labelling requirement previously mentioned.

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Suggested Dosage Schedules

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Each treatment set is provided with recommended dosage schedules along with suggestions for optimising dosages and adjustments per patient.  Further, all of our product formulations and dosage schedules have been created within the AAAAI practice parameters, and provide a general guide to treating patients, subject to the patient’s tolerance.


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Online Ordering and Tracking

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Gamma Allergy is the only provider of immunotherapy to facilitate online ordering, payment and tracking of patient orders.

Our portal allows practice managers to forward plan patient appointments by providing total transparency on where orders are during the compounding process.

Additionally the portal provides automated patient intake forms, reorder reminders and the ability for physicians to create custom immunotherapy allergen mixes according to specific patient needs.

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