Why use us?

The Gamma Difference.

Australian Owned and Managed | Decades of Proven Efficacy |  Cost Effective | 3 Week Delivery

Australian Owned and Managed

We are proud of our unique position being the only locally Owned and Managed provider of Immunotherapy in Australia. It’s an important aspect to understanding what allergies Australians are suffering from and also best at providing better, local, support for our Practices and their Patients.

Backed by decades of Peer Reviewed Studies.

The bulk allergen extracts that we use in compounding have been standardised for decades under centralised regulation in North America by the FDA and Health Canada and as such have been the subject of countless papers confirming their efficacy and positive patient outcomes.

Importantly, these papers have been independently researched, written and peer reviewed without the need for corporate sponsorship.

Online Portal for Ordering and Tracking

Gamma Allergy is the only provider of immunotherapy to provide online ordering, payment and tracking of patient orders.

Our portal allows practice managers to forward plan patient appointments by providing total transparency on where the orders are in the compounding and delivery workflow.

More Cost Effective than Competitors

We believe firmly that allergy treatment is important and should be priced as affordably as possible. Because we have built such a scalable, transparent and efficient process we are able to price our treatment sets at up to 40% cheaper than our  competitors.

3 Week Average Turnaround Time

For a very long time allergy sufferers have had to wait between 2 to 3 months to start their treatment when starting treatment with other providers of treatment. Gamma Allergy has worked hard to ensure that we have built the most efficient and transparent workflow for compounding and delivering treatment sets to our practices. We’ve gotten so efficient that we now average 3 weeks turnaround time from order to delivery.

Ability to create custom, patient specific mixes

The ability to create custom allergen mixes based on the patient’s needs is critical.  Gamma Allergy has a range of popular mixes to order from or, alternatively, Doctors have the ability to custom create mixes with specific percentages with up to 4 allergens per prescription..

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