Gamma Allergy Discounts Sublingual Immunotherapy


Allaura Treatment Sets discounted by 15-20%

As a company, we have always priced our products to be the most competitive on the market and therefore, have never discounted them. However, in light of significant challenges faced by you and your patients, we strongly feel that we need to do more to ease the burden and help in whatever way we can.

In keeping with that principle and in response to the practical and economic impacts of COVID-19, we have decided to significantly discount our sublingual (SLIT) products by between 15-20% for the months of May and June 2020.

Patients Currently Receiving Injections

Any current SCIT patient that wishes to transition to SLIT will be given a 15% discount on their treatment.   For concerned patients, this will provide an alternative to coming in for injections and will enable a simple switch to telehealth appointments to maintain regular contact between the practice and patient.

New Patients Commencing Treatment

For new patients starting treatment, the initial weekly injection regime has proven challenging and in some cases, impossible with social distancing measures. To ensure commencement of treatment is not delayed, any new patient starting on SLIT will receive 20% off their initial immunotherapy set.

As an organisation we understand the challenges faced by the industry and feel it is important to do our part to help our physicians and their patients.

For further information on transfer protocols from SCIT to SLIT (from other suppliers or existing Gamma SCIT patients) and details on how to access these incentives, please contact us directly and a member of our team will walk you through the process.