Gamma Allergy Vaccines now listed in MIMS

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Gamma Allergy is dedicated to providing the highest quality allergy immunotherapy to our Doctors and their Patients at the most affordable price.

Many of those patients have private health cover and many of those health funds have extras that will cover Pharmaceutical Prescriptions that are not part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme but will only pay a benefit if:

  • The drug is only available as a prescription
  • The drug is listed within the MIMS schedule as S4 or S8
  • The drug hasn’t been claimed through the Schedule of  Pharmaceutical Benefits

After working closely with the team at MIMS we have secured the inclusion of Gamma Allergy’s Alleraq, Alleraq+, Allaura and Allerum vaccines within MIMS publication.  This is a great step forward for helping patients receive rebates for our products through their Health Funds, making  allergy treatment more affordable.


About MIMS: MIMS Australia has been publishing medicines information since 1963. The acronym, MIMS, was derived from the original publication which was called Monthly Index of Medical Specialties. MIMS is the leading supplier of trusted, quality, independent medicine information to Australian healthcare professionals, known for its high level of editorial integrity and independence. MIMS Australia offers a range of digital products that reflect current advances in information delivery; from hand held devices to online to integrating databases into clinical software applications. MIMS also continues to offer the printed reference products that have supported health care professionals for nearly 60 years.A recent national survey of MIMS and non-MIMS healthcare clients revealed that 99.3% of respondents would recommend MIMS to a colleague.