The Patient Journey

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The Patient Journey

People who have allergies are frustrated and looking for relief. Many have suffered for a long time without knowing there is an option for permanent relief and have relied on daily tablets for symptom relief.

Allergy is an increasing problem and its rate in children is increasing every year. Diagnosing and treating allergic disease as early as possible is important. It makes treatment outcomes more likely and easier to achieve. It also curbs the allergic march. Allergies left untreated can and will lead to more severe symptoms and the development of other allergies. In many severe allergy cases, left untreated allergic disease can lead to asthma.

Managing allergies with over the counter medications is costly and not a long-term solution. The cost of taking antihistamines everyday adds up quickly. Let’s say you took an antihistamine every day for 20 years, it would cost roughly $8,000. Allergy immunotherapy costs a fraction of that and after treatment, you longer have the hassle of taking medication daily or better yet worry about staying indoors or pet free. Even better, you’ll start to see results just after six months of treatment and after completing the full treatment, you’ll be allergy-free.

If you are ready to see a doctor for your or a loved ones’ allergies, here are the steps you can expect to take:

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